Air Fuel Controller

  • $195.00


The Generation 3, Air Fuel Control Module (AFC-3.0) is a microprocessor based programmable air fuel controller with a digital display that can be easily integrated into nearly any electronic engine control system that uses a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. The controller is a self-contained module that does not use any external devices, such as a computer or mobile electronic device, to program or edit the controller. All programming and editing actions are accomplished through the LCD display and rotary encoder. This controller employs comprehensive firmware that enables the user to create a custom mass air flow sensor calibration profile. The AFC-3.0 performs this recalibration by receiving the MAF sensor's input signal, digitally recalculating a modified MAF value and outputs this modified signal to the Engine Control Module (ECM). The AFC-3.0 can be programmed to apply correction factors (14 in total) ranging from 50% to 175% of the original MAF signal in 0.5% increments. Correction values less than 100% leans the fuel mixture produced by the ECM. Correction values greater than 100% richen the fuel mixture produced by the ECM. In other terms, lower correction values cause the ECM to perceive less air is entering the engine and it responds by commanding less fuel be delivered to the engine, thus leaning out the fuel mixture. Higher correction values will cause the ECM to perceive more air is entering the engine and it responds by commanding more fuel be delivered to the engine, thus richening the fuel mixture

The module provides 14 - MAF Input set points that you can program correction values from 50% to 175% in 0.5% increments.

With the module’s setup menu, the user can select the type of MAF sensor being used, either Frequency based or Voltage based. For Frequency Input the 14 correction value set points range from 0 Hz to 13,000 Hz in 1,000 Hz increments. For Voltage Input these 14 correction value set points range from 0.5 Volts to 4.4 Volts in 0.3 Volt increments. Each of these 14 correction value set points can be independently set from 50% to 175%. When the input value falls in between two set point correction values, the module linearly interpolates the proper correction value. These computations provide smooth (continuous) translation curve.

The user can also, independently select the output type needed, either Frequency based or Voltage based output signal. With this configuration flexibility, the module is uniquely designed to perform translations between MAF sensor types. When combined with the programmable correction values, the module can not only perform the translations, but also create custom calibration curves to bring the engine into perfect tune throughout the MAF sensor’s flow range.

Technical Information:

  • Simple interface using a single rotary knob with push button action
  • User customizable boost profile is easily modified, no need to remove or connect to external device to make changes
  • Selectable MAF input and output types – Input Frequency or Voltage and output Frequency or Voltage
  • Digital accuracy – all MAF corrections are handled digitally and have digital accuracy and repeatability
  • Correction values adjustable from 50% to 175% in 0.5% increments
  • Invaluable for scaling back MAF output when MAF signal is over-running MAF tables in ECM
  • All features can be modified on the fly, no need to turn Off and back On or reflash the ECM to have changes take effect
  • Two line display capable of displaying any two of the following parameters: MAF Output, Dynamic Correction Value & System Voltage
  • Adjustable LCD Backlight Brightness
  • Uses standard 2-1/6 inch gauge package, easily mounted in A-Pillar and Gauge Pods

Note: These controllers are built to order. Due to the customization, the typical lead time to ship is approximately 2 weeks.