Air Fuel Controller - AFC 1.2

  • $150.00

The AFC 1.2 is a microprocessor based, stand-alone air fuel mixture management device for frequency-based Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors. The AFC performs this fuel mixture correction by receiving the MAF sensor’s frequency signal, digitally recalculating a modified MAF frequency value and passing this modified frequency to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The AFC can apply correction values from 1% to 255% in 1% increments. The AFC – Version 1.2 applies this single correction factor to the entire frequency range (air flow range) of the MAF sensor. The AFC‘s operational frequency range is from 500 Hz to over 30,000 Hz. As a result, the AFC allows the operator to lean out or richen the Air Fuel mixture simply by changing the correction value setting on the device.

How does the AFC accomplish this? When setting a correction value less than 100% will cause the PCM to perceive less air entering the engine and responds by commanding less fuel be delivered to the engine. Thus, AFC values less than 100 lean the engine’s fuel mixture. Conversely, correction values greater than 100% cause the PCM to perceive more air entering the engine. The PCM then responds by commanding more fuel to be delivered to the engine. This means AFC values greater than 100 richen the engine’s fuel mixture.


  • Plug and Play installation with OEM weatherproof sealed connectors for GM vehicles.
  • Vary simple to change correction values.
  • Provides single value calibration which is applied to the entire MAF sensor range.
  • No need for expensive tuning software to fine tune your car's Air/Fuel ratio as well as the knowledge on how to use those tuning systems.
  • Enables the MAF sensor's output to be scaled down when the car’s MAF output is exceeding the PCM’s MAF Value limitations. For example, many GM PCM’s will not accept values above 11,500 Hz.
  • Powered by the same power supplied to the MAF Sensor, no additional power circuit to be installed.
  • Available in a variety of MAF connectors (E.g. GM L67, GM LS1, GM L67 to LS1 Conversion) to fit nearly any GM vehicle/engine configuration.
  • Detailed, color illustrated installation and user instructions included.

Connection Options

Generic Connection:

The generic AFC1.2 comes with no connectors and is intended to be spliced into the MAF sensor harness wiring. This connection can be via inline splices or customer supplied connectors. This version of the AFC 1.2 permits installation into any Make MAF Sensor that is frequency based. 

GM Connector Options:

GM OEM connectors are available in two varieties. These are Metri-Pack (MP) connector series and the GT connector series. Our AFCs can be ordered to provide conversion from one series to the other. For example, the AFC12-35MP will connect from a 3 wire MP connector on the engine harness to a 5 wire MP connection on the MAF sensor. The AFC12-35MPGT will connect from a 3 wire MP connector on the engine harness to a 5 wire GT connection on the MAF sensor.

Cobalt - Redline Connection:

The MAF sensors used on these vehicles have a different wiring pin order on the connectors than does all the other GM vehicle models. See picture below. We higly recommend the customer verify the wiring color order of their engine harness prior to purchasing any particular connector combination.