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Flow Charger Voltage Booster Module with Time Delay

  • $250.00

The Flow Charger is a compact, high efficiency microprocessor based voltage boosting unit. It is capable of taking input voltages as low as 10.5 volts and boost the output voltage up to 20 volts. The actual voltage boost level is set by the selected voltage pill attached to the Flow Charger. Voltage pills are available from 15.5 volt to 20.0 volt in 0.5 volt increments. This is particularly useful for increasing the output capacity of the vehicle's fuel pump by 20%, as shipped. This increase is equally applied to both stock fuel pumps or aftermarket fuel pumps.

The Flow Charger is designed to be installed with a boost pressure switch to trigger the voltage boost mode. The Flow Charger incorporates an internal high amperage relay to permit system voltage bypass when in normal, non-boost mode operation. When the pressure switch closes under higher manifold pressures (i.e. when the engine's fueling demand is high), then the Flow Charger is triggered to deliver the fuel pump the extra voltage needed to deliver the added fuel supply. When the engine's manifold pressure drops and fueling demand falls off, the Flow Charger returns fuel pump voltage back to standard system voltage. By using this 'voltage boost only under demand' approach, the Flow Charger does not stress the fuel pump when the vehicle is driven under normal, light power loads.

NOTE: We recommend the 16.5 voltage output unit for most applications. In most cases, this will provide the extra fuel needed without stressing the fuel pump unnecessarily. 

Time Delay version is designed for Naturally Aspirated engines where the manifold pressure is high (i.e. not in vacuum) when the engine is started. The time delay in this version delays boosting fuel pump voltage for 5 seconds on start up. This allows the engine time to develop manifold vacuum that will remove the voltage boost signal/trigger from the pressure switch during start. This delay enables the fuel pump to start up with normal system voltage. After start up, voltage boost will be immediate with pressure sensor trigger.


Size: W - 4.5" L - 4.6" H - 1.6"

Weight: 25.5 oz. / 725 gm

Input Voltage: 10.5 - 14.5 Volts

Output Voltage: Selectable between 15.5 - 20.0 Volts

Output Voltage Accuracy: ±0.2 Volts

Output Power (Maximum): 400 Watts continuous, 600 Watts intermittently up to 30 sec.

Output Current (Maximum): 35 Amps

Internal Output Relay Coil: 12 V, 78mA hold, <250mA inrush

External Connectors: Delphi Metri-Pack 150 Sealed Connector

Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 120°F / 50°C